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Words of mouth from our students and parents 

Music school

“A fun class that introduces children to play the piano in an enjoyable way. Besides the basic piano exercise, Seiko also helps children to develop a general appreciation and understanding of music and rhythm. The students gain skills in co-ordination, rhythm and musicality.”

- Sunny's Dad, Jerry Jiang


“I very much enjoy my lessons with Seiko, she is extremely professional, very encouraging and I thoroughly enjoy my lessons with her. She teaches me in a way that I am able to understand and learn from the techniques she teaches me. I get a lot from the lessons she teaches in both piano and singing with different techniques and it helps me improve personally.”

- Monique Tohu


“My husband & I are happy to offer our testimonial and only good comments about our daughter’s piano teacher, Seiko Wong.

WE are very pleased with her professional, creative, effective and fun way of coaching our daughter Siann, form the basic techniques of learning to play the piano to the more advanced pieces.

Siann has received A’s for her musical performances at the high school she currently goes to and we are ecstatic about that!

Our daughter has always had the talent and willingness to learn, and Seiko has honed into her skills and made them even better!

Seiko has enhanced Siann’s confidence and talent – they are a great TEACHER/STUDENT team!”

- de Kleyn, Leilani


“I have always wanted to take singing lessons because singing is what I have always wanted to do. So I took the initiative to search for a tutor and found Seiko. Since then, I have seen a gradual improvement in my voice and it's only just the beginning. Seiko is a funny and easy-going tutor and I have always enjoyed my lessons with her.”

- Andrea


“Before competing in The Voice China, I had never learnt how to sing properly. I decided to have a few singing lessons with Seiko and she helped me improve my technique significantly. I had never used my diaphragm to sing before but after a lessons, I developed the habit of using my diaphragm to sing and it made a huge difference with my breathing and pitch. Seiko also helped me a lot with my song choices for the competition which was one of the most important things I needed to consider. She was able to identify what kind of style my voice was and what kind of music would suit me the best to bring out my best qualities. She also gave me a lot of valuable information about singing competitions in general and told me about her past experiences which really helped me with my preparation for the competition. Overall, I had an unforgettable experience at The Voice and I would not have been able to get this far without Seiko's help.”

- Sophia Chan


“Seiko is an excellent teacher. She keeps my daughter engaged and excited. She is very good with meeting our needs for my daughters singing ambitions too. We are very happy to have chosen her as my daughter's vocal teacher.”

- Marie-Claire Veloso


“I would highly recommend Seiko as a piano teacher - she is flexible, tailors lessons to the individual student's needs and her knowledge of music is impressive.

I greatly appreciated her flexible style which ensured learning is always fun and never felt like a chore. Seiko is a very encouraging, inspiring, patient & relaxed teacher that gives you confidence.”

- Pamela Tieu


“We are so happy to have Seiko as our daughter's piano teacher. She's kind, patient and really master the art of communicating with young children. With her help, my daughter becomes more confident to play piano. I would recommend Seiko to anyone who is looking for a nice and experienced teacher.”

- Eva Huang


“Seiko is very effective at finding different ways to teach me singing when I'm struggling to grasp at certain concepts. I've been struggling with singing for a long time before I took on lessons from Seiko. When learning certain techniques, my ability to hit certain high notes are incredibly a lot more easy to achieve. I would highly recommend taking on Seiko.”

- Phillip Vu

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“My daughter started her singing lessons with Seiko when she was only 6 years old.  Seiko is warm and friendly and knows how to keep the lessons engaging and practical for a young child.  Over the past 1.5 years, they’ve worked hard on her voice techniques, breathing exercises and have built a wonderful rapport together so that the lessons are always informative and enjoyable.  Seiko knows the right songs to teach her which are both challenging and well-suited to her voice.    Overall, i’m very pleased with Seiko as she has given my daughter a positive and encouraging foundation for vocal training.” 

- Ethel M.


“As a holiday activity my son was very fortunate to attend vocal lessons with Seiko. In a very short time she was able to help him with his pitch, breathing and rhythm.

He learnt many techniques to help him sing more confidently. This is a credit to Seiko’s professional music knowledge and ability. She is able to communicate her love of music through teaching. A heartfelt thanks.”

- Lily Seeto


“Before we met Miss Seiko I had been worrying about my 5 year old daughter Laura because she lost interest of playing piano for a long while. she even didn’t want to sit in front of the piano and play it. But After my daughter the first the lesson with Miss Seiko, she dramatically became enjoying playing piano again. Now she begins to compose herself from Miss Seiko’s direction. My daughter and I are very satisfied and happy to refer Miss Seiko to my friends:D”

- Yuna Lee


“Learning from Seiko has improved almost every aspect of my piano playing. Technique wise, she taught me a few basic, simple and yet unique ways to improve my technique and she would always make me feel confident in my piano playing which i think it’s very important. Musical knowledge wise, I believe she has sound knowledge in music. During my preparation for my piano exam, she would always explain about the period and style of the piece and be very sensitive to how the piece sounds like. With all these fine coaching and impartment I was managed to get a distinction with 12 credits in my piano exam.”

- Henry Huan-Yi Chen

Since learning piano with Miss Seiko, Ellie has improved a lot in posture, sight reading accuracy and self-motivation. Once she was impetuous, she can now sit in front of the piano and practice her homework very seriously. We all love to go to Seiko’s studio to have lessons, piano room is clean, tidy and quiet. Miss Seiko is caring and patient, I hope my daughter continue learning piano under the guidance of the Miss Seiko and enjoy her life with accompany of music.

- Karen Kong


Ms Seiko is a very good and funny teacher. She engages me in fun and an interactive way. She helped me fix up my technical skills and now I can play pieces my level easier.

- Ellie Feng

“Such a amazing singing teacher, Seiko Wong. It is her that teaches me abundant skills of singing, and she actually has years of experience in teaching. She is very patient with her students, and she always encourage me and give me so much confidence. When I have some problem, she will gives me the right advices. In addition, I enjoy each lesson she teaches.”

- Grace Wu

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