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Easy to learn for unlimited protential

Singing is a fun thing to do. It is our mission to enable students to fully enjoy singing. Therefore, our learning culture is to guide students to learn in fun. Apart from the fact that curriculum design must truly grasp the progress of students, we should integrate diverse music listening and lead students to sing simple and interesting songs, to the advanced pieces, learners will ensure that the course will be easy and fun with a moderate degree of practice and lead the trainees into the pathway of music professional. Therefore we also prepare students to undertake the ABRSM, AMEB and Trinity grade exam for their further professional development.

One-to-one systematic teaching

As in singing learning, the different ability of individual student, only one-to-one instruction can completely solve the difficulties encountered by different students in their studies. After observing and guiding the students carefully, we can find and correct problems at the earliest stage, and through systematic tutorials, we can build a solid foundation step by step, and provide supplementary materials and application exercises in the different stage. Your singing skills can be steady improved.

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