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helping students achieve their full potential

BMC’s children choir Program aims to provide quality and professional diversified music education to children and discover children's music potential. In addition to choral training, members can also study music theory, musical instruments, dance and drama.


We believes that music not only promotes children's cultural accomplishment but also stimulates them to become interested in other things. We must understand that music intelligence is one of the seven kinds of wisdom in multiple intelligences.

At the same time, in order to increase self-confidence and broaden the knowledge of the members, the choir organizes choral workshops and annual concerts every year. In addition to this, in order to maintain a good standard of excellence for each child, the Choir will conduct an internal assessment before the end of each semester (four semesters) to assess student performance during the semester, and use this as a basis for promotion.


If the students perform outstandingly, they will have more chances to be awarded merit certificates. At the same time, the choir will also issue certificates to the members who complete the one-year course for encouragement.

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